Thursday, April 8, 2010

Semangat ku..

Sometimes rasa boring giler bila kerja, dan tak tau nak buat apa or malas, kalau bole taknak buat apa2. This disease always attack people at work. So, why we can be infected with this disease?

This disease attack when we are weak at work. Basics condition this disease attack are
1. when we are bored
2. when we are lazy
3. when we are angry
4. when we are sick
5. when we are have a problem
6. when we are tired
And many more.

How we can cure this disease? There is only one effective sure on this disease. The medicine is “SPIRIT”. yeah SEMANGAT!

And now how we can maintain this “SPIRIT” on fire all the time? Here I gave you a several tips on maintaining “SPIRIT”:
1. Keep doing the jobs with the best you can do.
2. Try low your angry and burn on your heart or mind to do better.
3. Don’t bring the problems at home into work.
4. Maintain your health.

“SPIRIT” is a thing to kept us alive at work and make us better because “SPIRIT” is a part of positive minded.

So, let’s burn our SPIRIT on. :)


  1. kalau rasa lesu..rehat sekejap..kita minum dulu!

  2. agreed..
    tapi kadang2 susah nk ada semangat..hehe